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To choose the right yacht broker is very important. When you bought your boat you wanted that she would tick all the boxes.

When it comes to selling your boat you need a broker who you can rely on and who gives you the right advice, care and support during and after the sales process.

We strive to provide you the best possible service and will give honest, personal and friendly service.



6 Essential Factors for Effective Yacht Sale

The right price..

Finding the right balance
We understand that you want to receive the best price for your yacht. We can tell you what you want to hear, but most of the time it will be time consuming, disappointing and frustrating. With our thorough understanding of the market, experience and vast databases we will evaluate your yacht and give you an honest and substantial advice on a realistic asking price based on the market circumstances.

Exclusive or not....

The more, the better?
The more brokers you appoint, the more successful the sale will be. Our experience is that working with one broker is the best option. Do not misunderstand us; we will not defend and protect our “turf” to acquire commission, and your yacht will certainly not get less publicity. will certainly not get less publicity. An exclusive arrangement simply means that everything is supervised by a single broker. Of course, we will distribute your yacht among our fellow brokers. fellow brokers. Any broker can bring in a buyer, while a single broker maintains control over the entire process.


Visualization & information are the best foundation
Once you have chosen us, we will prepare a detailed and accurate presentation of your yacht. And since pictures speak more than words, we will make loads of pictures and a video. This presentation will not only be send out to co-operating yacht brokers, but also to all our potential clients from our comprehensive database.


The first impression counts
Your yacht will go live on our own website, Social Media, YouTube, Print, etc. Further to that, we will maximum advertise your yacht on all major international portals in 4 languages to reach the widest potential possible.

At your service...

Ready, willing & able
In a world where time is key and of course time zones, we do our utmost to be available at any time convenient for you. We will guide you through every step of the complete selling and buying process. We will do the viewings, the negotiations, make contracts, supervise surveys and sea trials and manage all other details. Furthermore, we ensure a smooth change of ownership, arrange all paperwork and advise you about VAT implications and other legal regulations.

What are the cost? ...

No cure? No pay!

We work on a No Cure – No Pay basis. We only charge the seller a standard commission upon successful completion. All marketing costs, the viewings, the intermediation, negotiations, travel cost, drawing up contracts, etc. etc. are included. If the sale is conducted successfully with the assistance of another broker, we will share our commission.

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